Another blockbuster is Acai ice cream

Advertising slogans tend to have something in themselves. Not very often, true, but sometimes it finds some. For example, such a mandatory moment for yourself… What is it, anyway? A moment of peace and quiet. And why not take the time with a sweet companion, such as a draft ice cream?

Why not, there's nothing on it… You relax, worry for a while, and you will be able to enjoy your rest in full. The combination of cool refreshment and intense taste puts us in the right well-being. So? Draught ice cream and rest?
A moment to rest

The answer is clear yes! For a moment of relaxation in a busy day we are really entitled to all and we really deserve this for a while. Draught ice cream is the ideal solution for everyone. Since it is melting, we cannot deal with it for too long, but it also puts us in the right well-being.